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This morning I woke our family up bright and early for a sunrise hike for photos with Emma Rose. I can honestly say my 3 boys and my husband were not thrilled with this idea, but got up and dressed with minimal resistance. I wish I could write and tell you how much my children […]

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Lucas turns ONE this week! Friday, March 2! I cannot believe he is about to be one! read all about his birth story here !! He is the youngest of 3 boys, he is strong, demanding, affectionate, intelligent, and stands his ground among his brothers.  He is not afraid to get in the middle of […]

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Being a mom to 3 boys is no walk in the park, it’s more like a sprint from one end to the other, all to do it again the next day. I never pictured myself as a mom, especially a mom of 3! My husband and I are both only children, so this parenting thing […]

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Lucas is 11 months!!! he can officially walk, he has 6 teeth, he is very chatty! He is not afraid to tell you what he wants! He is snugly, loves to wrestle his brothers, eats everything in sight! he is very happy, still has warm copper hair, responds to his name, waves bye bye, and […]

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Today I got to document sweet Amy, mama of three boys! Amy and I have known each other since sixth grade and here we are today both raising a tribe of boys. Her guys are the most well mannered, kind hearted little gentleman. You can feel the love and admiration they all have for each […]

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