Luke is 7 months old!! Time flies! I totally missed his six month blog : ( Life just got a bit too busy! Awe that kind of makes me sad. But check out Luke’s 5 month blog to see how he’s changed in 2 months! I like to call this one the many expressions of Luke! lol!! He is such a big boy, I’d say his favorite things to do are eat, eat, and eat. He also loves to play with his brothers, it doesn’t seem to matter how rough the boys get Luke is always right in the middle climbing all over them enjoying the craziness! I look at these three boys and get an overwhelming sense of contentment, that our family is whole, there honestly is nothing more I want in life than the health and happiness of our family. Yes, Luke is a red head! Don’t ask me where that came from I have no idea!!! Apparently I have a great grandma’s sister on my dad’s side (I think) who had red red hair.  Well somewhere in the genetic line he picked it up! It is my favorite thing I absolutely love his auburn locks, they glisten like copper in the sunlight.  As I was editing these photos I zoomed in on his sweet little face and see so much of Will in him, his eyes are almost identical, it is so fun to see the similarities of the boys and also their uniqueness.  If I was describe his personality I would say he is incredibly easy going, go with the flow, engaged, snugly, curious, and content.  He balances our little family out so well by his sweet personality and eagerness to be involved in all our family activities.

Luke | 7 months old

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