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Nicole Conner


The aesthetic of film is soft, vibrant, and beautiful. Film is an imperfect medium with texture, grain, and light variances, By incorporating the art of medium format film your photos will be as unique as you.

Film encourages us to slow down and to breath in each moment as it unfolds.


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As an artist and an educator I encourage photographers to learn the art of film photography through simple and comprehensive online education.

My name is Nicole Conner. I am one of the few I know that is crazy enough to shoot film. Like many I discovered the world of photography after my first child was born. Now a mom of 3 boys, I can truly appreciate the intention that comes with film photography.

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film photographer

Meet Nicole

j. merit

Nicole is charmingly disarming! We felt immediately at ease and able to relax for great photos and experience. A professional photographer at her best!!!"

LUXURY wedding & ELOPEMENT film photographer based in Wenatchee, Washington. Serving Leavenworth, Lake Chelan, and Seattle.

film photographer

Nicole Conner

sharing simple and comprehensive online education for artists who want to learn film photography